The keys pictured here are either Modifications to enhance
fairly common keys, or keys that were in poor condition
that have been refirbished

Standard Nato key that has been modified to fit on a new wooden base

Another Nato key mod slightly different

This is a modified British Home Defence key, quite extensive with ballraces

Military Clansman mod to long lever note use of  clip for front contact

Old GPO keys are the best for conversion, very little materials needed and cheap to buy

Another GPO

Another old GPO conversion I love these keys

This is another common key often sold by Icom etc converted
end contact and fitted on a wooden base

Another G3YUH special, made from an old vintage sounder

This is an Old Australian Clipsel key, no mods just a clean and shine

This key was made by Kent engineers, here it has been modified to front

This was an old Speedex wreck, given a wooden base and clean

This key was started by the late Tim Soxman which I was
honoured to complete

This key was made from just a collection of old parts