Right, on this page I shall make a suitable Knob for the key, it will be made of Delrin or Acetal as it is known as, this is a very useful black plastic which can be machined like metal, you have to be a little careful with it as if it gets hot it can melt and jam your lathe tool into the work, so best to keep the Lathe RPM down fairly low, Below I am cleaning up the bar and roughly taking it down to the right size
Now below I am using the rounded lathe tool to get a waist same size as the original
Now starting to widen out the shape using a combination of Rat tail and half round files and the rounded cutter
Below you can see the present shape compared to the original, it is a bit bigger as it has yet to be smoothed and the neck where it meets the key needs to be shaped
Here below you can see the neck of the knob being shaped with a small "Ratty" then it will be smoothed and polished drilled and tapped and finally cut free and a small piece of 2ba brass studding screwed in.
And here is the original and the copy, it is fairly close, not exact but I'm quite happy with it, I really enjoy this part of making a key :)
And below you can see what a difference it makes with the knob fitted, at last we can see how the key will look, still a long way to go with all the terminals and fixings to the base but at last we have something to look at, and if I do say so myself I think it will be quite a classy lady :()
And just for fun a comparison with the inspiration :()