Now back to making this Morse Key, on this page I shall make the "Rake" adjuster, the rake of a key is the angle or slope away from the operator, most ops seem to prefer a downwards slope in line with their arm others like the arm of the key completely horizontal, with these early keys they took that quite seriously and by adjusting the two adjusters over and under the contacts this angle could be changed. more modern keys don't seem to include this facility much. Below is the brass material I intend to use
I have slotted the brass bar to take the L piece of brass and cut them both to size on the slotting tool, below you can see them propped up to compare with the original rake adjuster
And here below it is all soldered and cleaned up, it will now be drilled tapped and slotted all of which you have seen done before
Below you can see the drilled threaded and slotted piece, I have drilled the hole where the tightener screw will go, clearance nearest, tap size furthest from the tap
And now you can see where it will all fit when the key is finally assembled, the screws are all temporary, just holding things together and the brass is just a rough machined finish so again Imagination needed :)))
But here below I think you can see the final key shape starting to emerge, I have rounded the edges where the front terminals will eventually go, what it needs now is the knob and the knob fixing, then we can really see how it will look, all on the next page.