Now on this page 5 the time has come to put together all the parts that have been made so far, below you can see that the handle has been drilled to take the sleeve and and I shall now assemble the handle parts
First of all the rear edge of the contact block will have to be shaped to fit the tension adjuster body I do this by rubbing the square contact block against a piece of brass the same diameter of the body only wrapped in coarse emery cloth until it is a snug fit.
And now all the handle parts are held in place by a jig made of a small hand vice and a clamp, same rules apply as to when the bearing body was made, it must be very clean and very hot when the solder is applied
And now the assembled handle is clamped in the lathe vice whilst the contact block is cut to shape with the slitting saw
Now you can see a much smaller slitting saw is making a slot where the contact spring leaf will eventually be attached, this is a very important part of the key, much of the quality of the action is generated by the sprung contacts
Here you can see how the contact spring will fit into the slot when it is fitted later.
And here Finally below all the parts made are assembled and the key handle now pivots very freely within the bearing holder, lots of imagination still needed at this point as it doesn't yet look like a Morse key, but I can tell from experience it will be a nice one :)
I think on the next page I shall make the large tension adjuster as with that in place it will start to look more like a key :()