New Day New Page, I have to say the project is starting to fade a little in interest, I tend to get this way with a project as it approaches its conclusion, I suppose because I can see how it will eventually look and the finishing aspects of polishing and cleaning up can be a bit of an effort.

The Key now has a name, "Lola"  As it has been a special project  I have been popping up to the local hardware store for the odd bit of brass or new drill bit quite often, and my wife noticing this remarked "it seems what Lola wants Lola gets" I think she is getting jealous :()

Anyway time to press on, below is the start of the rake adjuster knob, very similar to the terminal disks in construction only this time the two bands of knurling are part of the adjuster. I have already made the two large front terminals, as their construction is identical to the large tension adjuster knob I have not shown it.
Below knurling complete and time to drill and tap
And here it is below about to be soldered to its threaded top
And here it is in place, not a good picture but you can see how it fits
Now it is time to make the top Gap adjuster, here below you can see a piece of studding having a hole made in it to take the Mallory Silver contact when it is completed, I use a centre drill as it is just the right size. You must not over tighten the lathe jaws as the thread is easily damaged, just a firm grip.
And here below is the studding with the contact sitting on top waiting to be soldered on, I use a mini blow torch for this job as hardly any heat is required
I have not shown the construction of the top piece as it is simply a small piece of Brass bar tapped and then the top part slotted with the good old slot saw. and then soldered on, below you can see it finished.
At this point below I am drilling the handle to take the tension spring adjuster rod, I do this by putting the hole assembled key under the drill, the reason being I can make sure the hole will line up with the rest of the key.
And now I have decided to make a spring guard, the tension spring on these keys usually just goes straight into a hole cut into the wood base but there is one very nice key that uses a brass guard where the spring enters the base, I used this idea on my previous key and it looked very good so I am incorporating the idea into this one, I actually threaded the last one and screwed it in, but I don't think that was really necessary, so this time it will be a tight fit and a bit of adhesive I think :) below you can see the rough outline, I shall leave the bottom rough cut so as to get a good grip on the wood base
Here below you can see it fitted, it is a tight fit so an adhesive probably won't be required
And below are a few pictures of "Lola" so far, plus a couple of Blue filtered shots, that some say are more realistic than bright yellow brass.
On the next page I hope to fit the tension spring and possibly do something with the two front adjuster tightener screws, and at that point the basic construction will be complete, I will then need to strip it down completely for a clean and polish, then stain and varnish the Mahogany base, and possibly Nickel plate the terminals and adjusters.