On this page I shall start fitting the various bits and pieces together by bolting them to the the wooden base, also I shall start making the terminal posts for the bearing holder, this can be quite exciting as it is at this point you can get an idea how the key is going to perform, Below I have drilled the rake adjuster terminal position and starting to tap it, the contact post is already done and these will be fitted to the base shortly.
Below is an Oba  brass bolt, I shall turn the head so that it looks nice and this will be the blank that fits on the bearing block after the holes at the end have been tapped.
Below you can see the new look of the Oba bolt head, just remains to cut it off and fit it to the bearing block, two required.
And below is the bearing block with the screw fitted, all part of the "Glamming up" procedure :()  Poor picture again sorry :(
Now it is time to make the extended terminal posts, these are all part of the plan to give the key a lower meaner stance, the terminals will stretch out beyond the base and enhance the low bearing block (I hope) I intend to make them both together parting them when finished, that way it is easier to make them the same shape, below I am turning the first one.
And here below you can see the idea, now they need to be tapped and parted, I intend to fit knurled caps to the ends, it is easier that way than turning the whole thing in one go and less wasteful on material.
And here they are tapped and parted
Now below it is time to make the caps for the terminals, I am making them both together then parting when finished again.
A quick knurling job and cut them off, face them up and solder them on to the posts
And now below you can see the terminal posts finished and screwed onto the studding that has been fitted to the bearing block
Now it it is time to start fitting all the parts on to the wooden base by marking where the hole is to be drilled and I shall be using the G3YUH one hole at a time method slower but more reliable :)))) the contact post and rake adjuster have already been fitted
Now below I'm about to drill the wooden base
And finally below I can try the action!! it is going to be light, lighter than I expected, probably due to there is not a lot of leverage, the contacts being about the same distance from the pivot point as the knob, not sure about the "Low slung" looks maybe I have overdone it, not sure yet :()