These pages cover the step by step construction of a Handmade Morse code telegraph key in pictures and text

The Project is still under construction at the moment
as it progresses pages will be added
to the index

Page One  Safety and the construction of the basic key handle

Page Two   constructing all the handle attachments

Page Three  Constructing the Bearing holder or Trunnion parts

Page Four  Assembling the bearing holder and fitting the ballraces

Page Five Assembling the handle and fitting to the bearings

Page Six Constructing the large knurled tension adjuster knob

Page Seven Constructing the contact post and spring contact

Page Eight Constructing the Rake adjuster

Page Nine Turning and fixing the key Knob

Page 10 Turning the terminal posts and fixing the parts to the base

Page 11 Fitting final terminals and adjusters

Page 12 Slight changes and fitting the spring tensioner

Page 13 last minute odds and ends and plating the terminals

Page 14 Varnishing the base polishing and final assembly




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