Serial numbers 201 onwards 
Can you see yours here? if not why haven't you got one :)
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Key 201 Swedish Classic long lever Sold

Key 202 Large long lever Jacobsen project  Sold
Key 203 Two third scale Swedish Brassy key  Project Sold                                               

Key 204 The Coffe Project Sold

  Key 205 Ducret quenched spark project Sold

Key 206 "Specialist" Alloy Key project   Sold.           

key 207 Pendograph Project  Sold

Key 208 Mini Pendograph Project Sold

Key 209 Bellows Patent Mecograph  Project   Sold

Key 210 Another Bellows Mecograph  Sold

Key 211 Paul Dinger Patent project  Sold

Key 212 Copy of an early Mecograph prototype       Sold

 Key 213 Abernathy Project Sold

Key 214 Tinsley Project Sold

Key 215 Scaled Martin Double lever  Sold

Key 216 Mecograph copy Sold

Key 217 Early Pendograph Patent   Sold

Key 218 The Pinelli key  Sold

Key 219 Gold bug project Sold

Key 220 Early Vibroplex Premier Sold

Key 221 Vibroplex Midget  Sold                                                                                       

Key 222 The Martin Patent 457  project Sold

Key 223 The Delany "Auto Dot" project Sold
Key 224  The Breedlove  "Two Speed bug"   Sold                     

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