Serial numbers 177 to 200
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Key 177 PS213 with Portishead mod Sold

Key 178 My first Bug        Sold

Key 179 The Mecograph Sold

Key 180 The Melehan Valiant  Sold

Key 181 Vibroplex vertical Project Sold

Key 182 Rons Red Racer Project  Sold

Key 183 Early Bunnell bug  Sold

Key 184 Early Marconi Project Sold

key 185 a "Titanic" key project :) Sold

Key186 "Titanic" Miniature Gift.

Key 187 Marconi "Spark" type  Sold

  Key 188 Lytle Triplex Project Sold

Key 189 TAC Triplex Conversion Project Sold

Key 190 Miniature Triplex Project Sold
Key 191 Early Mecograph Sold

Key 192 1907 Mecograph Project  Sold.

Key 193 The "Dinger" Project Sold.

Key 194 "Empire Morn" Project Sold

Key 195 "British Bug"  project  Sold

Key 196 Simplex Auto project Sold

Key 197 Simple long lever project  Sold

Key 198    Bug-in-a-box Project  Sold.

Key 199 "Black Widow" Long lever project  Sold.
Key 200  Amplidan type project  Sold


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