Serial numbers 225 onwards 
Can you see yours here? if not why haven't you got one :)
Click on the thumbprint for more detail and toggle your F11 key for a better view

I make these keys for fun, as a hobby, they are really for either collectors who can't hope
to own an original or that special CW operator that wants something more than the standard
Vibroplex action to test his skills as an operator

I am in the process of moving my website to this new domain so some links won't work 
until the move is complete, if you need any info contact me on the contact link below
Cheers from Ron g3yuh


Key 225 Delany Auto-dot Mk2 Project  Sold

Key 226 Boulter Bug  Sold

Key 227 Unknown Bug   project Sold

Key 228 Vibroplex premier Mk2 Sold

Key 229 Oil break Brass pounder   Sold                                                                     
key 230 Wire Chief mk2 project  Sold                                          

Key 231 Rare Martin Vertical Variant. Sold          

Key 232 Another Martin Vertical Variant Sold      

Key 233 National Transmitter Project     Sold           

Key 234  Slightly scaled National transmitter Sold

Key 235 The last National project Sold

Key 236 US1109818 Patent project Sold

Key 237 US1173702 Patent Project Sold

Key 238 Another US Patent Project  US 916538 Sold

 Key 239 HART Patent Project  US Patent 2143067  Sold

Key 240 Haling bug Patent project 884381  Sold.

Key 241 Patent project 954298  Sold

Key 242 "ultimate bug" Project  Sold

Key 243 US Patent project  1036443   Sold

Key 244 Inline "Ultimate" bug copy Project  SOLD

Key 245 G3YUH "Special" Sold

                                                                                                                  Rare Martin Vibroplex Replicas

Key 246 New York Vibroplex replica  For Sale 

Key 247 Norcross Vibroplex thick base half frame replica Sold.

Key 248 Norcross half frame thin base Sold

Key 249  Martin Vertical  Wire chief variant  Sold.

key 250 Norcross Single lever  full frame thin base  Sold

Key 251 G3YUH "special" Sold

Key 252 McElroy Junior Project Sold.

key 253 Another PS213 style key sold

Key 254 sold

Key 255 Another Mecograph Copy  Sold

Key 256 Another very rare key copy  Sold

Key 257 Thick base Norcross Half Frame Replica  
120 plus shipping

Key 258 Sold

key 259 Dow Rotating Special all mode Universal Sold

Key260 HK-802 copy  Sold

key261 HK-802 second copy Sold

Key 262 2nd vale copy Sold

Key 263 Crystal cover key project  For sale

key 264 Another Crystal key Sold

Key 265 "T" Section bug  Sold

Key 266 Russian Sideswiper  Sold

Other key related odds and ends

Prototype wheel bug test

 Rope pattern Knurling wheel construction

Joining a mainspring in a bug key

Making a bug U shape spring contact

Golden straight key dimensions from Morum Magnificat April 93
(you will need to right click and download the pdf as the writing
is a bit fuzzy) HERE

FREE early Practical Wireless downloads  


As you can see on this page my construction notes
and pictures appear as I build the keys, however
when the page is full and another page is started
I slowly remove these from the previous page leaving
just one picture to save on space, But if you have a
YUH key and you would like to see how it was made
let me know and I'll forward anything I have on it.
All these keys carry a lifetime guarantee, (my lifetime
not the keys) if they should fail in someway or need
to be modified contact me and I'm sure we can come
to a suitable arrangement.   



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Keys 001 to 176 PDF files
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Keys 201 to 224
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If you are interested in any unsold keys or would like to comment
drop me an email  PayPal accepted :))