The Materials requirement

Another sad fact is you can't make anything without materials and that includes Morse keys, however you can make a really good one with just a few, Ok I know there are Homebrew keys made out of bent hacksaw blades and what have you, and I'm always being told its possible to send code on two drawing pins but so what, you can make a hat from old string and polythene bags but who would want to wear it?
And most people interested in making a key (me included when I first started) seem to think as long as it basically looks like a Morse key it will be ok, and sure enough it will work after a fashion, but there are not many where the golden rules of making a good key have been applied, the rules are well known but most ignore them, even famous key makers produce wonderful shiny keys that are basically rubbish, making a key that feels good, effortless to use and looks good is an art form, and to manage it with a few odds and ends and almost no real tools is going to be a challenge!
Anyway the two real pieces of material needed to make this key are BRASS, sorry but brass it is, not steel alloy or wood but BRASS, nearly all keys of any worth are made of brass, reason being it is heavy and you need weight in a good key, it is easily worked and easy to solder to, and when polished to a high degree it is magnificent so two lengths of Brass please one length of 1/4 round and one length of 1/4 by 3/4  they are usually sold to the model engineers in lengths of 300mm or 1ft  there are loads of places in the UK where these can be obtained MacModels is the favourite all on line and can pay with PayPal as to the States not sure but I bet there are loads of places if you do a search. there will be other items needed such as nuts and bolts of various types preferably brass AND old radio knobs!!! so dig out any old radio knobs you can find, all will be revealed on the next page