The Tool requirement

The sad fact is you can't make anything without tools, most Amateurs collect tools along the way of enjoying their hobby and you will need tools to build this proposed project key, they are basic and if you haven't got one that is needed then you will have to obtain one but I promise they will be cheap, nothing special.
The most essential tool needed for this project is a DRILL to drill holes with reasonable precision, the ideal is a Pillar drill shown below left, or you can also use a pistol drill with vertical adaptor shown right, nearly everyone has a pistol drill if you haven't got either of these then you can use a hand drill but that will be difficult as obtaining the accuracy needed will be almost impossible with a hand drill, these tools are not expensive the drill adaptor is just a few $ / from Ebay  and you will need a set of drill bits especially 1/4 inch as this will feature a lot in the project
You will also need a vice of some sort preferably a steel one, or a workmate, workmates are really useful as they double as a workbench,  you may also need a couple of lengths of 1inch or thereabouts angle iron obtainable from any good hardware store or scrap metal yard.
And a full size Hacksaw with some NEW BLADES, A blow torch and some 60/40 multicore solder the old LEAD sort NOT the latest rubbish
a bench grinder would be useful but not essential, and a collection of hand tools screwdrivers pliers files setsquare etc, any shortcomings will have to be obtained from the local hardware store, top quality tools are obtainable at silly prices these days, sad to say but the words "Made in China" on a tool usually mean it is a top quality item and as cheap as ditchwater! other odd requirements such as emery cloth and polish etc will be mentioned during the construction..
OK lets get started :)))