Polish and final pictures

I must admit I haven't spent a lot of time on a superb highly polished finish, as I don't think the key really warrants it,  just a quick rub down with fine emery and a quick polish under a polishing mop, plus a coat of laquer to keep it looking reasonable, I have also treated it to a flat oversize base plate a more respectable tension adjuster (which is just a tap washer soldered to a 2ba nut) and a pair of flash terminals I purchased from the local Maplins for a couple of $ First below is a close up picture of the action, the nut cracking exercise was fun and the parts produced give the key a nice finish, not sure about the Tommy bar maybe a knurled tightener would be better, but the whole object was to produce a nice looking key with a respectable action virtually from spare bits and pieces and no special tooling, as it happens it really turned into and exercise in using a drill, which is not a bad thing, Time now for something new :()