My Morse Code Key Collection  
                                                                     Plus thoughts and comments
I'm not a serious collector of keys I just purchase the odd bargain that catches my eye, mainly as an investment or to try them out and investigate their construction to further my Home made key hobby, so the descriptions are more on my  personal thoughts than anything else, and my collection is limited just a few quality keys now. and a couple of old friends :).
Well I suppose although I have great fun using Morse Code on the Amateur Bands I should say I'm not very good at it, I bumble along making mistakes as I go, which is probably the reason for my accumulating so many Morse Keys! That in the vain hope I may one day find one that increases my performance.
My very first Key which I still have (right) is a Japanese copy of an American speed key, bought for me by an old friend of long ago whilst teaching me the code to pass my R.A.E its an average Amateur key cheap and cheerful but it does have adjustable ball bearings  and pleasant to use if you like a low slung key I'd say 6 out of 10 performance

My Second key obtained some time later is a version of the 8amp type of which there are hundreds of versions this has been with me for many years and has some time or another been used in all my CW projects as along with the speed key it was all I had! they are really nice general purpose keys, This old all brass type looks nice cleaned up, and for any non key enthusiast probably all one needs..  5 out of 10 performance

And this one was a REAL find, its a Danish design from the company MP Pedersen, AMPLIDAN Model 50713 it is without doubt a really nice key, very complex inside and has a similar feel to the Morse Equipment key above only a lighter action, I like the feel of this key very much, and has time has moved on I've began to appreciate its professional action and tried to emulate it in some of my Hand made keys, (shown with cover off)
It is in my humble opinion one of the finest keys ever made, they don't come better than this, (except perhaps one of my own handmade 80 series on which the "feel" of this keys action is based ) Performance Simply the best 10 out of 10
I have since made a few keys from this design, you can see them


And now a very old Lindholm and Wikstrom, I've liked this key since the first time I saw a picture of one a couple of years back, so much so I even made a copy never thinking I'd own one, It has restored my faith in old keys, usually vintage keys have a pretty poor action but not this one, it is quite excellent, smooth and effortless to use, a real classy lady 9 out of 10 (should be 8 really but an extra point for it's classy looks :)

And this one is a real prize, an early Oller the Grandfather of the famous Swedish designs above and below, 9 out of 10, lovely action and looks to match,

This is the Military version of the Ericsson key, it has a simplified rake adjuster and the front terminals come out horizontal, I bought this key as a wreck, the key had been dropped and the front contact tower was twisted out of shape and some terminals and adjusters were missing, It has been completely stripped down cleaned and re-varnished replica parts made and given a nice polish, now looks as good as new, excellent action 9 out of 10..

And this heavy lady I believe is an Ericsson though not completely sure as it is unmarked, and is very similar to the Oller above but with a more complicated contact and terminal structure, a beautiful vintage key with an action to match 9 out of 10

And at last a Marconi PS213 another key that has a hazy past, there are quite a few variations of this design, I'm not completely sure about this one I think its a very early one as it has none of the Nickel plating or insulation of later versions, this is the state in which I purchased it, I have since fitted a tension spring so I could test it, but otherwise kept it as it is, And this is some key, the action is quite superb, easily a rival to the Amplidan, 10 out of 10 for performance a Classic key..